Kasa Chiropractic

A stand out rebrand for a chiropractors looking to expand across the UK.

Kasa make chiropractic care accessible, relevant and nurturing, building productive, beneficial relationships with people that feel at home, comfortable and cared for. With ambitions for growth and a need to move away from an ambiguous brand and Bristol centric name (previously The Chiropractic Centre, Bristol), Kasa approached us to help.

We worked closely with them to create their purpose, positioning them as ‘your trusted partners for better chiropractic care’. We renamed then ‘Kasa’ and defined their values and story, before creating the wider identity and applying it across their website, print communications and signage.

Embracing the spirit of care

More than just a word, the new name ‘Kasa’ is a Japanese for umbrella and just as an umbrella provides shelter and comfort, they aim to nurture and foster a sense of care for everyone. The new logo celebrates their passion, positivity and joy, from a subtle smile to a warm and vibrant colour palette.

A flexible font for human stories

We chose a headline font, inspired by Japanese letterforms that feature curved and characterful shapes that hint towards flexibility and movement in the body. The letter ‘K’ was adapted and remixed into the core font we renamed ‘Kasa Sans’ to create something new, helping their brand to be more unique and stand out.

Results beyond back pain

To showcase the transformative power of chiropractic care, we art directed a photoshoot featuring their clients looking and feeling their very best. The imagery drove a testimonial campaign highlighting the real-life benefits experienced by their clients. The campaign has been rolled out used across every touchpoint from the website to print communications.

Welcoming from website to walls

Every touchpoint, from a user-friendly website to the welcoming waiting room, is meticulously designed to make visitors feel comfortable, supported, and empowered throughout their wellness journey – physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

See the website here

A connected brand toolkit

We delivered a comprehensive set of guidelines and roadmap to creating a powerful and consistent brand experience from ensuring effective use of the logo to cultivating a distinct voice and tone throughout all communications – the cornerstone for a thriving practice.

Oku took the scattered seeds of our ideas and created something beautiful. Even though it’s their creation and hard work it feels like ours, because they worked hard to truly understand who we are and what we wanted to say. We couldn’t be happier with the whole process – it’s been smooth, on time and well communicated. Thank you for manifesting what we wanted but could never have achieved alone.

Charles Herbert

Director & Chiropractor

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