Mute Animation Studio

Turning up the volume with a rebrand for an award winning animation studio.

Mute is a 2D motion design studio specialising in beautiful, slick and simple award winning animations for global clients such as O2, Sony and The Guardian.

We partnered with Mute to create their values, story, identity and website. The brand purpose, ‘animations that do the talking’, is a clever play on the traditional meaning of the word ‘mute’. In Mute’s world, animations become the voice and to ‘talk’ is to breathe life into stories, inject colour and define movement.

A memorable ‘m’ mark

Central to the new identity is the ‘m’ mark. The arches of the ‘m’ increase in size to visually represent the amplification of sound and what it means to ‘talk’. We extended this idea by bringing it to life across a series of brand expressions to represent the idea of boundless possibility.

The making of ‘muted bright’ identity

We built a functional identity system Mute could execute themselves with ease. The broader brand identity exudes energy through a charismatic typeface and a ‘muted bright’ colour palette that can be paired back when the work needs to be loud and proud or dialled up when it’s Mute’s brand that’s doing the talking… in a tone of voice that is always confident, clear and full of enthusiasm.

Dialling up digital

To bring Mute’s brand to life, we crafted a bespoke website brimming with playful animations. The site’s footer uses the arches of the ‘m’ mark to form a landscape which is enlivened by a bouncing ball that interacts, adding a touch of fun and user engagement to the experience.

See the website here

Oku have been fantastic. Right from the first meeting, all the way through to delivery, the team have been responsive and incredibly fun to work with. Thank you so much!

George Shelbourn

Creative Director & Founder

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