Sustainable Hive

A rebrand for experts in green education and engagement.

Sustainable Hive are specialists in sustainability, and experienced experts in green education and engagement. They connect people to create action, by bridging the gap between schools and communities, businesses and organisations. They spark imaginations and start conversations. Channelling natural curiosity and harnessing incredible energy, making sustainability real and relevant to young people.

We collaborated with Sustainable Hive to define their purpose, ‘inspiring the next generation and creating positive community action.’ We helped them define their values and story before crafting a comprehensive visual identity that comes to life across their website.

Bridging the gap

Sustainable Hive’s logo is as simple as it is smart. The new ‘H’ mark serves as a visual metaphor, symbolising their role as the connector between schools & communities, businesses and organisations.

A confident symbol thrives in both bold, oversized applications and adapts beautifully for smaller placements or solid colour backgrounds.

Buzzing with colour and connection

Sustainable Hive’s brand identity extends beyond the logo, blossoming into a vibrant and positive colour palette. These colours embody the warmth, confidence, and infectious zeal of co-founders Clare and Jo.

Layered colours and shapes create a visual metaphor for collaboration, perfectly reflecting Sustainable Hive’s mission of bringing people together, while the impactful yet warm headline font serves to inspire the next generation of world changers.

A hive for sustainable action

The dynamic new brand identity seamlessly integrates across Sustainable Hive’s website. Their custom icon set, inspired by the structure of the brand mark, adds a layer of clarity to their services. The rest of the site showcases their latest projects and offers a wealth of resources specifically tailored to schools.

See the website here

Working with Oku has been a fantastic experience from start to finish. They really understood us and now we have a brand that fully represents who we are, a website we are very proud of, with an identity that is clear and confident.

Jo Taylor

Director & Co-Founder

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