Woven Films

A rebrand for a film production company making content for big-name clients.

Woven are a film production company that produce high-end films and online content for a wide variety of clients such as English Heritage, Triodos Bank and Women’s Aid. They needed a new brand to better reflect who they are and give them a launch pad for future growth.

We partnered with Woven to define and create their values, story, identity, website and social media presence. The brand purpose, ‘films woven with love’, reflects their unwavering passion for what they do, their dedication to client relationships and how they approach each project.

A brand woven in motion

Inspired by the meaning behind the name ‘woven’, we created a new wordmark with a looping ‘w’, reflecting their commitment to craft and narrative that threads through the fabric of their films.

We amplified the colour palette with warmth and gradients to add a sense of dimension, dynamism and give the feeling of a brand in motion.

A typeface with a human touch

The brand mark inspired us to create a new typeface, ‘Woven Sans’, with looping details showing up across 15 key letters. Woven Sans can be remixed into their core font to create something new, helping the brand stand out while giving a sense of creation by hand.

Weaving a visual narrative

We created a suite of custom looping icons to elevate the visual language and illustrate their process from ‘finding your thread’, ‘weaving your story’ to ‘the cut’.

A cohesive digital experience

The brand identity comes alive across a bespoke website, meticulously crafted to showcase their finest films. Engaging interactions and captivating animations weave together brand narrative and user experience. The website is further supported by a comprehensive set of social media templates and guidelines, ensuring a seamless user journey across all touch points.

See the website here

All the tools from thread to cut

We created a comprehensive set of guidelines that enable Woven to create a powerful and consistent brand experience, ensuring everything, from logo usage to voice and tone, reflects the brand identity consistently.

Oku nailed it! We’re super happy with the final brand, it’s very accessible to our needs and how we want to use it. We’re already finding it so much easier to create content, posts and films with the guidelines and the assets they produced for us.

Joel Fennec

Director & Co Founder

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