A self initiated campaign to help Bristol reach net-zero by 2030.

YouDoo is a web app and community platform, designed to empower Bristolians to take action towards Bristol’s goal of reaching net-zero by 2030. It works by connecting people to eco-friendly goods and services and simplifying sustainable living with actionable tips and suggestions. We encourage people to pledge their actions, share their journey and inspire fellow Bristolians to make a difference.

We believe big change starts with simple, small, local actions. Together, through small steps and community support, YouDoo empowers people to build a greener, more sustainable neighbourhood and make a healthier, happier, more sustainable planet for everyone.

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Playful website, powerful Impact

YouDoo isn’t just about eco-action, it’s about making the journey of getting there enjoyable. The website boasts a user-friendly experience that is as bright as it is bold. The intuitive design and engaging tone of voice guide you effortlessly through the site.

Mapping the way

YouDoo’s centrepiece is a Bristol map divided into four key areas and six actions that range from travel to money. With just a click, you can get to the most relevant location and action-specific information you need.

Designed to inspire action

We infused YouDoo with warmth and playfulness through animated explainers, interactive touchpoints, and clear action-oriented icons, all designed to inspire you to take the next step towards a greener Bristol.

Building a community

We launched a 6-month social media campaign to inform and spark conversations. We shared informative content about key action areas, along with user-generated comments to drive people to the website.

We’re fuelled by a passion for making a real difference, by doing work that makes a real and practical difference – to people, communities and the planet.

Daniel Hayman

Creative & Co-Founder

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