Brand Identity

Your unique visual and verbal world

We’ll transform your story and equip you with a harmonious brand identity with each element from your messaging to your logo, colour palette, and typography working together.

01 Tone of Voice & Style

Your brand’s tone of voice is its personality in words. It defines how you ‘speak’ to your audience. Style of voice supports your tone and may encompass elements like word choice, sentence structure and grammar.

02 Messaging

Think of it as a conversation – crafting messages that resonate with your ideal customers, spark interest and ultimately drive action. Effective messaging builds brand awareness, trust and connection.

03 Naming

Brand naming is the art of selecting a memorable and unique name that reflects your brand identity, values and target audience. A strong brand name is easy to remember, pronounce, spell and helps you stand out.

04 Logo

A recognisable symbol that encapsulates what you stand for. It can be a wordmark, an icon or a combination. A good logo is unique, memorable, flexible and conveys your brand’s personality and at a glance.

05 Visual Identity

Your visual identity is the face of your brand. It includes more than your logo, it’s your colour palette, fonts and imagery, all working together to create a cohesive, consistent and memorable visual impression.

06 Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines are a roadmap for using your brand consistently. They define how to use your logo, colours, fonts, and imagery across all touchpoints to ensure a unified brand experience.

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